Free Initial 30 Minute Consultation for Family Matters

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We appreciate that consulting a solicitor for the first time can be a daunting prospect, particularly when you are experiencing a difficult time. You do not always know what to expect, how much it will cost and whether it is necessary.

This is why we offer an initial 30 minute consultation in respect of any family or matrimonial matter.

This gives you the opportunity

• To find out what we can do to help
• To find out what your options are
• To get to know us before deciding whether you would feel comfortable instructing us to act on your behalf
• To find out what the likely costs will be

Our discussions with you will be completely confidential and any information you give us will not be shared with anyone without your express permission.

If at the conclusion of the meeting you do not wish to take the matter any further you will be under no obligation to do so. We understand that very often, people need time to consider the advice and their options before how deciding how they wish to proceed.

A confidential note of the meeting will be made a retained for a minimum of 6 years in case you wish to return for further advice or assistance at a later date.

If you feel that 30 minutes will not be long enough, we also offer an initial 1 hour consultation for a fixed fee of £50.

Please telephone to speak with Christina Rockwood on 01903 205771 or email