Business Client Department

Our Business Law Department offers a wide range of services to business owners, large or small including help with:

  • Contracts for selling or buying a business or company
  • Obtaining leasehold or freehold premises
  • Lease renewals and termination

Contracts for selling or buying a business or company

Getting contracts right is at the heart of a successful business. Get them wrong, and it can be catastrophic. We can advise on the best way to ensure that your interests are protected. Our commercial lawyers can provide you with advice not only on the issues you know about, but also the ones you may not even have considered.

Obtaining leasehold or freehold premises

Whether leasehold or freehold, it’s important to make sure experienced eyes look at your agreement for premises. Otherwise, when it comes time to move on you may find obstacles in your way: a big bill for repairs or redecoration, for example. Knowing you took advice at the right time, and that the lease suits your purposes, allows you to focus on making your new premises work.

Lease renewals and termination

Businesses change, and sometimes the basis on which they’re run – including the lease on premises – needs to change too. Whether renewing a lease on new terms, terminating it, or simply checking that the existing terms and conditions are sound, our dedicated Commercial Property team can help.

Attention all Tenants

Attention all Landlords

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